Networking Areas
 dia_green.gif  SLA Management
 dia_green.gif  Network Traffic Monitoring
      - NG-Mon: Next Generation Network Traffic Monitoring
      - MRTG+: Web-based Internet/Intranet Network Traffic Load Monitoring
      - WebTrafMon: Web-based Internet/Intranet Network Traffic Type & Source/Destination     Monitoring
      - Web based RTFM(Real-time Traffic Flow Measurement) Management
 dia_green.gif  Web-Based Management
 dia_green.gif  SNMP-Based Management
 dia_green.gif  XML-Based Management
 dia_green.gif  Internet Application Services Management
 dia_green.gif  Network, System and Application Management
 dia_green.gif  Mobile Agent-based Network and Services Management
 dia_green.gif  Embedded Web Servers
 dia_green.gif  Corba-based Network Management
 dia_green.gif  Policy-based Network Management
 dia_green.gif  Web caching
 dia_green.gif  Internet Security
 dia_green.gif  Network Management for Next Generation Internet (NGI)
 dia_green.gif  Home Networking
 dia_green.gif  Embedded Linux
 dia_green.gif  Differentiated Services (Diffserv)
 dia_green.gif  Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP)
 dia_green.gif  Development of Internet Server Technology supporting Differentiated QoS services
 dia_green.gif  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
 dia_green.gif  NGOSS (New Gerneration Operating Systems & Software)
 dia_green.gif  Autonomic Computing, Autonomic Network and System Management
 dia_green.gif  Automated Signature Generation for Traffic Identification

Distributed Processing Areas

 dia_green.gif  Blockchain Technology
 dia_green.gif  Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Computing
 dia_green.gif  Grid Computing
 dia_green.gif  Multimedia Collaboration Services and Applications
 dia_green.gif  CORBA

 dia_green.gif  DCE

 dia_green.gif  End-to-end QoS Management
 dia_green.gif  ODP Trader
 dia_green.gif  Linux Clustering


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